Poker Conquest is a Great Poker Engine that will challenge beginners and poker pro's alike

Everyone plays poker in order to win money. Whether you are a recreational poker player who views the game as a mere pastime or consider yourself, more of a grinder who takes the game seriously, poker’s bottom line is how much you have won or lost at the table. Thus, everyone is always looking for any sort of edge; they can get to help increase their chances of winning. It is no surprising then that players happily try to learn whatever poker strategies they can. Beyond that, however, many poker aficionados are now choosing to take advantage of the numerous gaming tools and apps that can further assist them in their play. With that in mind, we decided to review this game app, Poker Conquest

What is Poker Conquest?

Poker Conquest it identifies itself as a poker game without being clunky, pay-to-win, or being heavy on advertising, which is pretty much what everyone, wants to see in any application. It does feature Texas Holdem poker and boasts hundreds of computer players around the globe. In this game, your objective is to conquer the world by playing poker and defeating a computer player from each country.

The game comes up with user-friendly interface and a smooth navigation to its users. It features the world map with six continents. Now what you have to do is to defeat a player of each country in your present continent to unlock the next continent. You can easily see the unlocked continent, the conquered continents and the locked continent as they are, highlighted with the help of different color codes.

When you start this game for the first time, you get $10000 for your bankroll to start immediately your poker career.

This game is like the gem out of the junk with endless fun for poker players and it is the best chance to enhance you poker game. Download it free today for your windows 10 based devices and have hours of fun.

Windows store Download Link: Poker Conquest
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