GetResponse Review: How to Save Money in Email Marketing

Marketing… Hoh boy. Marketing, these days, reportedly gives you a $2,500-$15,000 bill… for a project that took weeks (or sometimes months) to make. 

That’s nothing to sneeze at.

And of course, each business has their own needs and their own strategies, plans, and ways of implementing them.
In this review, we’ll be taking a look at GetResponse; an email marketing tool Business News Daily ranked as the lowest-cost platform for email marketing (that saves you money)!

Not only that, the dashboard is simple to use and user-friendly. Not like some of the other software platforms out there. (I’m looking at you, Aweber.)

Why don’t more companies make email programs that are easy to navigate? I don’t understand it. The point of email marketing is to get maximum gold to a lot of people in minimum time and effort.

Designing a platform that requires two hours to send out one list, when it’s costing you money to do so, is… it’s unthinkable. GetResponse, seeing this, one-upped themselves and actually help users get to other cool features and tools using… shocker… drop-down links! 

Drop-down links are a must for organizational purposes. Why don’t more sites use them? I don’t understand. You can get more content, more links, and more tools one on page with drop-down links. 

For a low price of $15 a month

I still can’t believe, to this day, that it’s only $15 a month for 1,000 subscribers. That’s just insane. You can fork over more cash for more subscribers (they have more than one package)… but $15 for 1,000 is not bad. Not bad at all. 

And you’d be insane NOT to opt in for GetResponse if you haven’t already. 

This isn’t a plug. I’m not being sponsored or paid by them to write this.

I’m saying you’re insane not to opt-in for GetResponse because it’s simple math. It is! It’s so easy to calculate the math. Let’s try some.

If you have 1,000 subs… and only 5% of them buy a $97 product of yours... 

(This coming after you’ve already built the list relationship [link to “How To Grow Your Email List with GetResponse”], of course!)

5% people buying your $97 product is more than $4800! 

$4800, in profit, with only 5% of your 1,000 subs.

Do the math yourself over what 10%, 15%, or 30% response is out of 1,000 subscribers. Subtract $15 from that number. What you get is your total profit.

And the best part? You can do it again and again with virtually no risk. Even if you make 2 sales, you’ve already doubled your investment. Heck, you can make $15 in 5 minutes these days if you know what you’re doing! 

GR also has email previews you can use – which end up saving you time! When you’re designing your massive email distribution (i.e, planning to take over the world)… 

You want to make sure your content is bug-free and error-free, right? Make sure it’s compatible with all the devices underneath the sun and all the most popular email services. 

This free—yes, free—service comes included in GetResponse. Do you have to imagine how much time you’ll save with this? How many accidents you’ll be apologizing for later down the road?

Time saved. Cash is saved. What else is there?

How about full video tutorials

Yes. Full. Video. Tutorials… On how to use one of the leading email marketing programs.

I’m seriously thinking about ordering. Or at least trying for 30 days. Despite not knowing how to get subscribers… Or know how to email market… Or have anything to sell… 

Even if I did, you bet your last buck I’d check out these invaluable tutorials on setting up GetResponse so I can dominate the universe. I mean build a swimming pool of a million dollars. I mean… What?

I’m beginning to see why Business News Daily ranked GetResponse as the best low-cost email marketing platform.


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