Entertainment App of the Month - Humble App

Humble App is an incredible iOS tool that’s created for customers, artists, business owners and freelancers – for all of those that want beauty on demand. Suitable for beauty customers/consumers and beauty service providers, this app will definitely make your life easier, which is why we decided to pronounce it as an Entertainment App of the Month.

What exactly offers HUMBLE App?

The Humble app is an innovative platform created and developed to service both, the beauty customers and beauty service provides such as freelance beauty artists or salons. This app is a space where customers can find exactly what they need, hire a beauty freelance professional or book an appointment in their new favorite beauty salon, and where beauty service providers can advertise their skills, show of their portfolios and engage with their customers. This way the Humble App becomes a place that benefits everyone who decides to use it.

Amazing platform for both customers and businesses

The Humble app gives you an option to log into the app as a freelance artist, business owner or a customer. Depending on your choice, the app gives you features appropriate for your profile. These way customers can as quickly as possible get all their needs met with features like price comparison, nearby salons or beauty artists, ratings and reviews and many more. The artists and business profiles come with features for direct marketing, brand awareness building and features for enhancing customer engagement. This is why the Humble App can help both beauty salons and stylists to maximize their earning potential, become more visible, acquire new and hopefully regular customers and at the end, simply help them grow and improve their business.

If you are interested in giving the HUMBLE App a try, you can find, download and install the app from the Apple App Store, it is completely free.

App Store Download Link: HUMBLE App

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