Turn the Totems & Connect them with Ball of the Same Color - Paly totems

Match the colors to win the game. Are you smart, quick and can you think on your feet, then you need to try this type of puzzle. Think your way through, react fast and strategically to win the game. If you like to stay sharp and enjoy the exciting gameplay to train and improve your reflexes, there are many color match games that offer you this experience. To make the search easier, we looked and we found for all of you puzzle lovers a color match game you need to try. Let’s see what the game is all about.  

What is Paly totems all about?

Paly totems is developed for Android users as one simple, fun and challenging color match game which offers you to learn more about the mysterious structures and venture into wild environments. With simple and intuitive gameplay with just a click, dramatic hand-drawn graphics and colorful original style, this easy to play the game will test your reflexes and agility every time. As a player you just need to turn the totems and match them with the balls of the color, reacting fast to train and improve your reflexes.

Standout Features

This color match game and its various features offered will get the player hooked to playing fast while they have fun challenging themselves. On the game, players can choose between 3 game modes, each of them with unique environments and relics to test the skills of the play as he tries to overcome his best brands. Each player needs to give as many gifts as possible before the inevitable destruction of the totems. You as a player will enjoy direct fun thanks to the easy-to-learn mechanics.

Players can even compete against player worldwide and try to climb the rankings depending on their scores. The balls are rolling at high speed and blow up figures up if you don’t react quickly. Simple and yet challenging, the game will push your brain to its limits as you try to puzzle with the different colors of the balls. Enjoy the doodle drawing style and play the game on the go, without the need on an Internet connection.

Download it now on Google Play for free to color match the totems with the right colored balls!

Google Play Download Link: Paly totems

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