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A few days ago, our team covered Vum. This video recorder app allows users to easily record video with music while offering tons of handy features for creators and social media users. For that reason we decided to make it our Video App of the Week. Read more about why.

Available for both iOS and Android platforms, this innovative app aims to unleash creativity and enhance the overall video recording experience.


**A Symphony of Audio and Visuals:**

At the heart of Vum lies its ability to record video with music seamlessly. Users can now set the perfect ambiance for their clips by incorporating their favorite tracks as background music. The app supports various audio formats and offers full control of music playback within the camera interface. From pausing, resuming, skipping, shuffling, to changing tracks, Vum empowers users to become directors of their own visual symphony.


**Real-Time Video Editing on the Go:**

Gone are the days of tedious post-processing for video edits. With Vum's unique pause and resume recording feature, users can now make real-time video cuts while capturing footage. This intuitive functionality allows for on-the-fly editing, enabling users to craft engaging and dynamic videos without the need for extensive post-production work.


**Front Screen Flash: Illuminating the Darkness:**

In today's era of selfies and self-expression, the quality of front-facing camera shots matters more than ever. To tackle the challenge of low-light conditions, Vum introduces the front screen flash feature. This innovative addition ensures that users can capture stunning self-portraits even in dimly lit environments, adding a touch of brilliance to every frame.


**Mastering Light with Ease:**

Vum puts users in control of their lighting settings, allowing for effortless adjustments to brightness in both images and videos. With multiple flash modes, including on, off, auto, and torch, users can adapt to any lighting scenario, making sure their recordings remain visually captivating.


**Timing is Everything:**

For those moments where timing is critical, the Capture Countdown feature becomes invaluable. Ranging from 3 to 10 seconds, this timer provides users with ample preparation time before video recording begins, ensuring they never miss capturing the perfect moment.


**Aspect Ratios: Embracing Versatility:**

Vum embraces creative freedom by offering an array of screen modes, facilitating quick switches between different aspect ratios. Whether users prefer the traditional 16:9 or wish to experiment with unconventional formats, the app caters to individual preferences and artistic visions.


**Framing with Precision:**

Composition is key to capturing captivating visuals, and Vum takes this seriously with its 11 distinct grid modes. From rule-of-thirds composition to precise square framing, the app's grid overlays guide users in framing their shots like professional photographers.


**Keeping Time with the Chronometer:**

Vum recognizes the significance of video duration, especially in the fast-paced world of social media. The app includes a chronometer that acts as a timer, enabling users to monitor the length of their video recordings.


**Adaptability at Its Best:**

Vum's rotating controls stand out as a remarkable feature, ensuring smooth camera control that aligns with the screen orientation. This fluidity allows users to maintain an optimal shooting experience, regardless of how they hold their device.


**Expressive Filters for Artistic Flair:**

With 22 live filters at their disposal, users can effortlessly enhance their videos with Vum's creative tools. From adjusting hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast to experimenting with effects like fill light, sharpness, grain, and more, Vum empowers users to bring their artistic vision to life.


**Empowering Creativity with Camera Modes:**

The app provides 12 distinct camera modes, ranging from Normal to HDR, Portrait, Night, Slow Motion, Reverse, and Fast Motion. This wide array of options caters to a diverse range of shooting scenarios, enabling users to unleash their inner cinematographers.


In conclusion, Vum presents itself as a noteworthy contender in the realm of video recording apps. Its comprehensive set of features, intuitive controls, and focus on creativity make it an attractive choice for both casual users and aspiring videographers alike. Whether you're documenting cherished moments or seeking to express your artistic flair, Vum has the potential to elevate your video recording journey to new heights.

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